LEDG Works Alongside Architects and Engineers To Create Smart Buildings For Occupant Experience and Building Performance

We collaborate with architectural teams during the planning process to help owners develop digital strategies that improve occupant experience, building performance, and communications for new construction and development, adaptive reuse, and repositioned buildings.  Once complete, our smart buildings design team specializes in design services for technology and low voltage systems, focusing on delivering an integrated building technology experience for owners and occupants. 

LEDG has been planning, designing, and building modern technology infrastructures in the built environment since 2007. We provide unique, in-depth expertise to every project and aim to bring innovative, forward-thinking ideas to every partner collaboration.   


We recognize that digital strategies are unique and personal to each organization. LEDG specializes in helping owners develop a vision for how technology will be used to enhance the experience in the built environment and what digital assets, infrastructure, and data intelligence are required to execute that vision. We believe the right digital strategy and utilization of technology can help unlock the value of properties, engaging occupants and community, and optimizing building operations. LEDG’s digital strategy methodology includes the following steps: 

Establish a Digital Experience Vision
Establish how the owner wants occupants, visitors, and the community to interact with technology and how that technology will enhance their experience when on site. 

Identify Digital Assets
Identify the digital assets required to deliver on the owner’s digital experience vision. While this is customized to each owner and property, this often includes assets like digital signage for data visualization, wayfinding, and stakeholder communication, digital collaboration tools for public spaces, electronic safety, surveillance, and security technologies, and more. 

Define Technology Infrastructure
Define the technology infrastructure requirements needed to provide a reliable and responsive digital experience. This includes communications backhaul, scalable pathways systems, and cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity. 

Develop Data Intelligence Capabilities
Understand how data can be collectedanalyzed, and used to effectively communicate with stakeholdersenhance the digital experience, and optimize building performance.  Most importantly, a data intelligence strategy establishes a framework for data privacy and security 


LEDG's smart building design team also specializes in the planning, design, and specification of technology and low voltage systems in the built environment.  We work beyond selecting individual systems and collaborate with architects and design team members to create an integrated building technology design. LEDG offers a full suite of design services including:

  • Structured cabling 
  • Wireless connectivity 
  • Low voltage systems
  • Audiovisual 
  • Physical and cybersecurity 
  • LED lighting and controls 
  • Occupancy detection 
  • Digital signage 

Our Smart Buildings team includes: 

  • Digital experience experts 
  • Management and technology consultants  
  • Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDD) 
  • Smart building technology specialists 
  • Cost analysis and estimators 
  • Project managers 
  • Procurement professionals