LED Lighting Assessment

Many facilities struggle with managing older lighting systems with short lamp life, lamp lumen depreciation, intensive maintenance challenges, and high lamp and ballast replacement costs. Varied light output continuously causes challenges for the people who use the building or outdoor space and for most organizations, lighting equates to a high percentage of energy usage and costs.

LEDG provides no-cost commercial LED lighting assessments and energy audits to identify opportunities to lower energy and maintenance costs and improve the lighting output for visitor/workforce safety and experience.

Our lighting services will also help you sort out the best available utility rebates and incentive programs for your organization and facility type, analyze energy usage, and calculate all possible savings areas to reduce costs. We also assess ways your organization can take advantage of lighting control systems and prepare you for future intelligent building network integration.

Check out our customer case studies to see how our assessments have helped facility managers make the best short and long-term decisions for their organizations. Contact LEDG to learn more about our no-cost LED lighting assessment and audit services.