Smart Buildings Technology Selection and Integration

Smart Building Technology Selection & Integration

The rise in available technologies for Smart Buildings has also precipitated a rise in the different communication protocols on which those technologies communicate.  New Smart Building and Internet of Things (IoT) devices leverage many different protocols, including 4G cellular, OnGo CBRS, LoRa, NB-IoT, ZigBee, Bluetooth, and more. When selecting a Smart Building technology, it is critical to understand their communication protocol and to validate how that protocol will communicate with other systems and technology in your facility. Being mindful of interoperability, varying communication protocols, and interdisciplinary evaluation processes will lead to successful technology selection, deployment, and ongoing operations to keep your smart building fully optimized.

Evalution & Selection

Understand currently installed systems and select the right new solutions across all facilities.

Mapping & Protocols

Technology needs to be mapped to effectively work together to create a seamless, digital environment.

Systems Integration

Connecting systems and accessing data are critical to smart building operational success.