Testing & Commissioning

Ensure that all the equipment is properly installed and integrated and systems are working as expected

Data Centers

For any new data center design or upgrade, testing and commissioning is necessary to ensure a successful data center installation and site readiness for implementation of technology systems. Data center functional testing is critical to verify the performance of power and cooling infrastructure against planned user requirements. As part of LEDG’s functional testing services, our team verifies the performance data center critical systems, performing live data load simulations to validate that the infrastructure installed is capable of supporting the planned IT equipment. Commissioning activities ensure that mission-critical equipment is properly installed and that systems are fully integrated.

After data centers have been commissioned, we provide preventive maintenance services to prevent unplanned downtime and make sure all critical equipment is operating. Our preventive maintenance services include onsite inspection and maintenance of critical power and cooling systems and help proactively identify risks to the data center based on equipment age.  Preventative maintenance services are a critical step to ensure data center systems continue to operate reliability and without downtime.

Intelligent Buildings

LEDG provides testing and commissioning services for intelligent building implementations. New systems are being developed and introduced to the market rapidly; you need a resource that will guide you through the requirements definition effort and make sure systems installed systems deliver the functionality required by your unique facility.

Integration points are evaluated, and systems testing is performed to ensure the intelligent building design has been implemented successfully across building operations that may include lighting, heating, ventilation, security, and other systems. Automation, analytics, and reporting are also tested so an organization can adequately manage control systems and monitor energy-efficiency and cost-savings. Proper installation and integration now lead to easier preparation for the next intelligent building solution.

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