Smart Buildings Planning and Assessment

Smart Building Planning and Assessment

Creating a Smart Building is unchartered territory for many facilities, networks, and information technology leaders. Now more than ever before in history, connecting building technologies, IoT solutions, and occupant-level devices takes thoughtful planning. Understanding the value of currently installed systems, assessing the technology infrastructure and the alignment with organizational goals and objectives helps leaders make the right decisions.


Assess one building or many, gather requirements, understand gaps, and build a plan for Smart Building implementation success.

Infrastructure Master Plan

Smart Buildings can't exist without a digital infrastructure to support integrated systems and tools and data intelligence best practices.

Interdisciplinary Workshop

Bring together stakeholders for a 1/2 day or full-day session to understand goals and align on a common mission.

Smart Buildings Webinar Available On-Demand

Learn how interdisciplinary teams can work together on a Smart Building implementation plan and approach to improve building performance and occupant experience. 

"The Smart Buildings webinar really helped me understand how to look at our technology infrastructure before making decisions on solutions."

Webinar Attendee 2020

Higher Ed & Smart Buildings

To better understand and prepare for technological advancements and innovations, a prestigious Northeast University recognized the need to develop a campus-wide strategy for smart buildings.

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Building Connectivity

Having robust connectivity is imperative. Well-designed connectivity systems enhance the occupant experience, building efficiency, occupant safetyand are vital to making that building smart.

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Amazon Effect on Facilities

Amazon and Netflix are having a significant effect on the commercial real estate and facilities management industry as a result of one of their core customer experiences: personalization and immediacy

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