Smart Buildings Design and Engineering

Smart Building Design & Engineering

Specific skills and expertise are needed to create Smart Buildings whether starting on a new build or retrofitting current facilities. LEDG works directly with end-users and facilities, network, and information technology teams and collaborates with partners to help bring a full-suite of talent and skills to every project.

Architectural Diagrams

Technology and infrastructure design are essential for every Smart Building project and technology installs.

Low Voltage Systems

Bring the right professionals in for recommendations and to manage installations and commissioning.

LED Lighting & Controls

Use lighting control systems as an inaugural step in the journey to smart building implementation.

Structured Cabling

Modern cabling techniques are necessary to support the plethora of IoT and connected devices.

Audio Visual

Audiovisuals continue to become more sophisticated, more connected, and integral to occupant experience.

Occupancy Detection

Building occupancy systems are key to building performance, safety, and engagement.

Wireless Connectivity

Not all wireless services and connectivity are the same. Know your systems, facilities, and areas.

Physical & Cyber Security

Building and technology safety is more important than ever as we embark on changing standards.

Digital Signage

Innovative, hands-free digitized instructions and updates improve experience and operations.