Reopening Solutions

Reopening Solutions to Help Mitigate Risk and Improve Occupant Experience

LEDG has worked with facilities and information technology leaders for years and understand the challenges being faced today to keep people safe and organizations solvent.

Making Sure Your Technology Infrastructure Is Ready For the New Normal

Building systems, IoT technologies, and other smart devices are playing vital roles in reopening strategies. Can your technology infrastructure support them?

Reopening Advisory

Our Smart Building experts provide consulting and planning services for leaders reopening their facilities. Industry experience in healthcare, higher education, commercial offices, and more.

Technology Selection

Let us help you sort through the technology and building systems available to meet standards and improve disinfection, occupant detection, health and wellness, and overall safety.

Project Management

LEDG can lead your reopening project and assist onsite staff with all aspects of reopening including planning, design, product and resource acquisition, implementation, and reporting.


Take advantage of our installation, systems integration, and commissioning services to meet your deadlines and support your facilities, network, and information technology teams.

Best Practices and Content to Help You Prioritize and Customize Reopening

Building Trust

Prioritize health and safety and utilize technology to get people back to work.

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Touchless Access & Control

Details on low and high-tech options to limit contact with surfaces and build confidence.

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Smart Social Distancing

Solutions so owners, facilities managers, and universities can ensure compliance.

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Smart Disinfection

Learn about the options of safe and smart disinfection solutions for reopening.

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Smart Occupancy Tracking

The ability to share real-time occupancy is imperative in all buildings today.

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Systems Thinking

Creating smarter, safer buildings requires system thinking for success.

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