Data Intelligence


Providing Data Mapping, Integration, Reporting, and Visualization Capabilities in the Built Environment

The availability of data and understanding of what data can be collected, analyzed, and used to communicate with stakeholders and make data-driven decisions is the most significant benefit of a smart building. Data provides quantifiable, actionable insight to solve problems, realize opportunities, and continuously improve. Most importantly, a data intelligence strategy establishes a framework for data privacy and security.

Leading Edge Design Group provides data intelligence services to help unleash the power of data within the built environment and enable secure, data-driven building operations. Whether managing one building, a campus, or multiple properties around the globe, LEDG helps owners develop data intelligence capabilities through services and solutions that accelerate an organization's journey to autonomous smart building functionality.

Data Intelligence services include:

  • Data collection and mapping from IoT, Building Management Systems (BMS), and other building, occupant, and community-based systems
  • Systems integration to unify disparate systems and streamline data processes
  • Reporting and predictive analytics for data-driven decision making
  • Data visualization creation and dissemination
  • Machine learning expertise to create algorithms and models to predict outcomes and understand changes in occupant experience and building performance

LEDG partners with SAS, the world leader in analytics, for customers ready for organizational-wide data intelligence capabilities in the built environment.