Data Center Assessment and Planning

Data Assessment

Leading Edge Design Group has been planning, designing, and building data centers since 2007.

Many firms offer standardized data center assessment services that provide a quick ‘health check’ of your data center. At LEDG, we believe that each data center is unique and a customer’s strategic plan should be customized to their technology plan, risk profile, and financial goals. As one of the top data center design-build firms in the U.S., the LEDG team brings a comprehensive set of skills and expertise to the planning process that allows us to easily assess existing data center conditions and develop a plan aligned to an organization’s goals.

Your technology projections and goals for reliability, efficiency, and scalability represent the foundation of the project.  Once we establish this foundation, we evaluate your existing data centers, developing a gap analysis between your current state, your goals, and industry best practices. The data center strategic plan will outline upgrade strategies, cost projections, and phased implementation plans that help balance capital investment and risk.


We work collaboratively with IT organizations to understand their technology profile and projected growth.

  • Assess the existing critical infrastructure in the data center – power, cooling, telecommunications, fire protection

  • Evaluate whether current environment can support technology strategy and roadmap

  • Optimization of energy efficiency for long-term cost savings and sustainability

  • Concept drawings to visually represent how upgrades can be successfully made without risk to system uptime

  • A budget to gain approval with recommendations and analysis


The data center assessment and deliverable will outline modernization and upgrade strategies that help balance capital investment and risk.

Data Assessment Graphic