Assessment & Planning

Let us help you assess your facility and technology demands, develop a budget,
and identify an implementation path

Data Centers

Many firms offer standardized data center assessment services that provide a quick ‘health check’ of your data center. At LEDG, we believe that each data center is unique and a customer’s strategic plan should be customized to their technology plan, risk profile, and financial goals.  As one of the top data center design-build firms in U.S., our team brings a comprehensive set of skills and expertise to the planning process that allows us to effectively assess existing conditions and develop cost projections required to meet your goals.  

Our first and most important job in a strategic planning effort is to understand your organization’s goals.  Your technology projections and goals for reliability, efficiency, and scalability represent the foundation of the project.  Once we establish this foundation, we evaluate your existing data centers, developing a gap analysis between your current state, our goals, and industry best practices.  The data center strategic plan will outline upgrade strategies, cost projections, and phased implementation plans that help balance capital investment and risk to the data center.

We have helped customers across industry verticals develop data center strategic plans - see examples here.

Intelligent Buildings

Understanding intelligent building design is crucial for facilities managers, building owners, network specialists, and information technology leaders. Technologies are changing, and new products are coming to market at a rapid pace. Advancements like the Internet of Things (IoT) have the ability to deliver a tremendous, positive impact on an organization; adoption of these innovations requires an expert that understands technology, infrastructure, and networks and how to bridge the gap between all three intelligent building components.

An assessment will evaluate the downstream impact of new systems on your current network, review interoperability options, provide budget recommendations and a step-by-step plan to get started or capitalize on existing investments. LEDG consultants also offer insights and guidance on the positive impact smart technologies have on facility occupants such as patients, students, and the workforce. LEDG brings together strategies and industry standards to create intelligent buildings that are high-tech and energy-efficient with occupant well-being and engagement in mind.

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