We plan, design, and build critical infrastructure –
systems that are the backbone of a high-performing organization.


Our services are the critical components of a successful strategy to plan, design, and build a modern, connected facility. As a partner to you, it is our job to ensure technology and building infrastructures are scalable and reliable. LEDG can perform all needed services, augment your staff, or work with architects and technology providers. Our most important job is to be a great listener – to understand an organization and its vision, how facilities play a role in their future, and how we can best support the project.

Vendor Neutrality
Our services are vendor-neutral. We understand each project is different and our recommendations are developed based on the organization’s goals and unique needs.

Subject Matter Expertise
We are subject matter experts in data centers, intelligent buildings, smart technologies, information communications technologies (ICT), energy efficiency, information technology, and project management.

Energy Efficiency
Sustainability is a core value for our organization. We help you invest in solutions that minimize energy consumption, reduce ongoing waste stream, and reduce carbon footprint.

Thank you for considering Leading Edge Design Group for your next project.