Develop a plan to improve your data center with an in-depth assessment of your existing facility.

Understand Capacity & Risks

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Maximize Efficiencies and Uptime

Over 80% of today’s enterprises rely on in-house data centers, and most could benefit from some level of modernization. As data center’s age,  IT leaders are concerned that power and cooling systems cannot adequately support continuous technology changes and high-density computing needs.  

Whether you are contemplating a data center move or need to increase capacity and improve energy efficiency, an in-depth assessment is a cost-effective, impactful way to review and verify your infrastructure. LEDG understands current data centers have the potential to be significantly modernized and will provide a clear picture your data center’s capacity, reliability, and vulnerabilities, so you know your options for improvement. The modernization plan also includes coordination methods to ensure infrastructure uptime.

LEDG data center assessments follow an important five-step process:

  •    Set goals
  •    Develop a technology profile
  •    Assess the infrastructure
  •    Identify deviations
  •    Develop an incremental plan

Let us help you create a data center plan aligned to your technology strategy. Check out how Dartmouth College, New Balance, University of Vermont Health System and others used a data center assessment to jump start their modernization efforts.

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