New technologies, rapid increases in stored and accessible data, and competition for patients and physicians are creating demand for sophisticated hospitals, medical centers, and office buildings. Patient satisfaction scores such as HCAHPS and Star Ratings are driving improvements in operation-centric areas such as lighting, air quality, food and beverage, wireless access, and even paint color.

Today, many health systems are upgrading and adding on to facilities without updating their legacy data center and technology infrastructures Reliable, scalable data centers are required to support patient care, hospital operations, and maintain compliance. Integrated, well-designed technology infrastructures are required to connect patients, clinicians, and staff and to effectively integrate building automation, lighting control systems, security, HVAC, and more.

Leading Edge Design Group helps turn hospitals and medical centers into modern, connected facilities. We provide data center and intelligent building services for healthcare facility managers, information technology leaders, and network and infrastructure teams. We have worked with top health systems including Dartmouth-Hitchcock, Boston Children’s Hospital, University of Vermont Health Network, Lahey Clinic and others.

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