Higher Education Network Infrastructure Assessment and Planning

The Internet of Things (IoT) has a broad impact on campus life, affecting everything from the student experience to campus safety. Successful integration of the IoT on a campus is expected to yield significant benefits for students, faculty, researchers, and staff, but the ongoing implementation of IoT devices and systems will have a large downstream impact on the school’s network infrastructure. In order for a campus to support the explosive growth in IoT systems, strategic investments need to be made in their network infrastructure’s capacity, scalability, and resiliency. The integration of network-connected devices into systems like campus safety and facilities management systems are critical as well as the uptime of the campus network to support the increasing demands.

Are your buildings and networks ready?

Leading Edge Design Group helps technology, networks, and facility teams turn campus buildings into intelligent facilities. We provide network infrastructure services to prepare higher education organizations for the impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) and new technologies. Our services include:

  • Assessment of the campus-wide network infrastructure with strategic recommendations
  • Strategy and master plan creation
  • Implementation

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