Straumann Manufacturing

Straumann Manufacturing

Straumann Manufacturing, Inc., a Dental Implant Manufacturer, Implements LED Lighting with Wireless Network Controls in their Massachusetts Headquarters Manufacturing Area


Straumann Manufacturing, Inc, is the US subsidiary of Straumann Holding, headquartered in Basel, Switzerland. Massachusetts is home to their new state-of-the-art US headquarters and embodies the company’s spirit with its 160,000 square feet of open, clean-lined modern space. The manufacturing area had a unique, 400-watt metal halide lighting system installed into a metal pan ceiling. These ceilings can create an impressive visual impact in expansive spaces. Unfortunately, the current lighting system became a labor intensive maintenance challenge and required production equipment shutdowns to service. Some areas of the manufacturing space had minimal occupancy and the metal halide system did not allow for lower settings or dimming capabilities for specific workspaces.



Leading Edge Design Group (LEDG) evaluated Straumann’s manufacturing area and their current lighting system to find a solution that could easily transition into the existing mounting structures on the metal pan ceiling and significantly decrease energy usage. LEDG and the Straumann Senior Director of Facilities, Anthony Cigliano, chose an 180-watt LED fixture that replaced each metal halide fixture, one for one.

The team added wireless controls to the LED lighting to enable task tuning to 30% and create occupancy profiles in certain building zones to dim to lower settings. Also, the new system allows for higher footcandle values in target manufacturing areas and workspaces to deliver a higher quality of light to the workforce. During downtime, the lights are scheduled to create night lights and other control options.

The new LED lighting system and controls provide a 70% reduction in connected lighting load which is an estimated saving of 80% in annual kWh usage. The new LED lighting requires zero maintenance for 200,000 hours of operation that reduces Straumann support costs and manufacturing shut down time.