Electrical Utility Builds Ultra-Secure Tier III Data Center

Innovative Design and Construction Protects against HEMP and IEMI attacks According to the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), there are 16 critical infrastructure sectors in the United States. Sector assets, systems, and networks, whether physical or virtual, are considered so vital to the U.S. that their incapacitation or destruction would have a debilitating effect...  Read More

Expanding Health System Evaluates Best Data Center Locations

According to Fortune, healthcare was one of three industries with the most mergers and acquisitions in 2019. Deal-making in the healthcare sector hit $533 billion in 2019, up 26 percent from 2018. Mergers continue to be enticing for healthcare systems aiming to meet the quadruple aim – reduce costs, improve care quality and patient satisfaction, and expand...  Read More

Best Practices for Colocation Migration

The availability of colocation space is rising across primary and secondary markets in the United States.  The colocation data center market expects to grow at a 14% compound annual growth rate between 2019 and 2026, providing organizations considering outsourcing their data center with the luxury of having options to consider.  However, the challenge for most...  Read More

Global Financial Co Migrates to Data Center Colocation

Moving a data center to a new colocation location can be a daunting project, even for the most sophisticated and well-staffed organizations. Today, information technology, network, and data center leaders are reevaluating hybrid strategies to make sure costs are aligned, and computing demands met.  If colocation is part of the plan, a thorough evaluation of...  Read More

Safe Reopening – Touchless Access and Control

Brought to you by Bill Moten LEDG Smart Buildings Practice Leader bam@ledesigngroup.com Isn’t it amazing how aware we are about our surroundings and what we touch? Who last touched that elevator button, and were they healthy? What about that door handle? Once you touch it, you quickly look for the nearest hand sanitizer dispenser. COVID-19...  Read More

Safe Reopening – Smart Social Distancing

Brought to you by Bill Moten LEDG Smart Buildings Practice Leader bam@ledesigngroup.com Social distancing awareness provides knowledge of how well people are adhering to the “six-foot rule.” Why is 6 feet the optimal distance for people to be from each other? The CDC claims that keeping six feet from everyone will reduce the risk of...  Read More

Healthcare IT Resiliency

We are very grateful to be able to help contribute to this new guide by our partner Fitzemeyer & Tocci. If you work in healthcare and manage information technology and data centers, this is a must-read. Living in the Cloud and Staying Grounded: Healthcare IT Resiliency Summary As the storage and use of big data...  Read More

Telecommunication Rooms in Hybrid Learning Models

Brought to you by Todd Boucher LEDG Principal & Founder tmb@ledesigngroup.com Colleges and Universities continue to announce plans for their fall semesters.  Many are changing the academic calendar by ending or moving the semester online after Thanksgiving.  Others, like Stanford, are expanding their terms for the year to make classes less dense.  In every scenario,...  Read More

What Building Owners Can Learn from Disney

Brought to you by Todd Boucher LEDG Principal & Founder tmb@ledesigngroup.com The definition of a Smart Building is one that uses “an integrated set of technology, systems, and infrastructure to optimize building performance and occupant experience.”  For building owners, it is critical to understand that both sides of the stakeholder equation in their facility –...  Read More