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Use a Smart Building Implementation Model to Transform the Built Environment Where People Live, Work, Learn and Heal


Many organizations that recognize the value of smart buildings focus their efforts on identifying, piloting and deploying technology solutions first. Doing so without completing the difficult work of defining the impact of smart building adoption on your organization and the cultural change required to do so will limit the effectiveness and longevity of any technology implementation. Organizations ready to begin the implementation process should follow a Smart Building Implementation Model, which will provide a realistic framework for ensuring lasting adoption of smart building technology and assure an innovative, personalized experience for occupants.

Key Takeaways:

1. Learn the steps in the smart building implementation model that will lead to success.
2. Explore how changing occupant demands across many industries should be taken into account for developing specific technology requirements.
3. Create a successful interdisciplinary team that will take your strategy from ideas to implementation.
4. Know what to expect once a smart building is implemented.