Top Liberal Arts College Plans, Designs, and Builds New Data Center

One of the top five liberal arts colleges in the U.S. needed to move its data center from a century-old building that was needed for office space to a more centrally-located campus building with ready access to the backbone fiber and campus chilled water infrastructure.  It was the college’s goal to seamlessly relocate existing systems into a newly designed and constructed data center space.  The college chose Leading Edge Design Group (LEDG) data center services for:

  • Planning and Evaluation
  • Design and Engineering
  • Construction Administration
  • Relocation Project Management
  • Commissioning

LEDG used a pre-design feasibility study to perform stakeholder interviews to create detailed user requirements that included a complete technology profile, systems integration details, cutover processes, and more. The requirements report also provided design requirements, expectations, constraints, and contingencies.

Once approved, the LEDG team evaluated the proposed data center space, including an extensive review of the architectural substitute conditions, mechanical systems, electrical and telecommunications infrastructure, fire protection, and delivered full construction documents.

The LEDG team supported the construction activities throughout the project and assisted the college information technology (IT) department with relocating critical equipment and systems. LEDG also coordinated the system startup commissioning and testing.

Today, the liberal arts college has a modern data center designed for growth and high-performance in a building better suited for the advancements of technology and user demands.