Stone Excavation and Manufacturer Installs New LED Lighting to Illuminate and Protect Quarry

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The quarry ceilings at a stone excavator and manufacturer are 30 to 60-feet high, and the milling area is very damp and dusty with 1000W metal halide fixtures using only five-foot candles or less for illumination. This section of the quarry also had misused, inefficient wall lighting using 400W metal halide fixtures. In addition, surge protection was a big challenge. Lightning frequently strikes the surrounding area and causes the lights to go out. The company also wanted to improve the overall lighting for the workforce and for customers who come from around the globe to observe the production process and product quality.


The facility manager at manufacturing company engaged with Leading Edge Design Group to develop a lighting strategy using IP66 rated fixtures that could withstand the harsh environment and storm-induced outages and would improve lighting output throughout. IP66-rated fixtures are approved to handle damp and dusty conditions and can be easily cleaned and sprayed off when needed.

The installation includes:

  • 375W high bay LED fixtures mounted in all existing high bay locations in the milling area with 10kVa surge protection.
  • 100W DSK LED wall pack fixtures in all current wall pack locations with 10kVa surge protection.
  • Increased illumination by 20-30+ foot-candles throughout the section of the quarry.

The improved quarry lighting is expected to:

  • Achieve Return on Investment (ROI) in three years
  • Save 137,546 kWh of energy annually equal to over $15K
    of operating costs
  • Reduce long-term maintenance.

With the rebates from an energy efficiency program, the company is realizing a return on investment sooner and can continuously improve their quarry for employees and visiting customers.