New England Health System Uses Data Center Services to Keep Co-Location Move on Track

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A leading New England medical center was preparing to move their data center into an off site colocation facility built by a local third party company. As part of their contractual arrangement, the medical center and their colocation provider agreed that the data center would adhere to the TIA-942 Tier III specifications and included additional requirements based on their preferences and reliability needs. The specifications included detailed requirements for architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, re protection, and telecommunications systems as well as commissioning, ongoing facility operations, and maintenance. The medical center needed a third-party expert to review the requirements of the contract and validate that the design and construction of the facility were consistent with the specifications required by the contract. The project was a significant initiative for the medical center, and careful management and expertise were needed to meet organizational goals.


LEDG acted as the medical center’s representative throughout the data center construction process to validate that the design, implementation, and testing satisfactorily met the requirements of the contractual agreement between the medical center and the third-party colocation provider.


The data center construction faced significant challenges and delays before the medical center partnered with LEDG. Once onboard, LEDG was able to advise the medical center on the impact the delays would have on their data center site readiness. LEDG was the medical center’s advisor and acted on their behalf for any issues that arose during the design and construction process. Through the collaboration, the third-party colocation provider was able to satisfy the Tier III requirements outlined in the contract, and the medical center was able to trust that the site was truly ready to become their organization’s data center.

Advisory Services included:

  • Review of design documentation and project specifications for conformance with contract requirements.
  • Conducted regular site inspections to review data center construction and proactively identify potential areas of deviation from the required specification.
  • Review changes to the data center proposed by the third party and advise the medical center on the impact it will have on compliance with their Tier III requirements.
  • Review all testing and commissioning data for compliance with the Tier III requirements.
  • Work with the third-party company to provide recommendations on changes required to improve non-compliant data center items to meet the contractual agreement.
  • Perform the final review and inspection of the data center to validate that all infrastructure, equipment, systems and processes comply with the Tier III requirements.
  • Assessment of all third party proposed data center operational guidelines including operations, maintenance, security, change management, and more.