Global Financial Co Migrates to Data Center Colocation

Moving a data center to a new colocation location can be a daunting project, even for the most sophisticated and well-staffed organizations. Today, information technology, network, and data center leaders are reevaluating hybrid strategies to make sure costs are aligned, and computing demands met.  If colocation is part of the plan, a thorough evaluation of colocation options is critical. For global financial institutions, colocation can be an integral part of a distributed, integrated IT footprint for optimal scalability and resiliency. Security, connectivity, and power are equally important to make sure data is protected 24/7 and accessed quickly and safely.

A multinational investment and financial services organization needed to relocate a major data center to a new colocation facility. LEDG provided strategy, planning, and design for 6,000 square feet of colocation space.

LEDG’s services included working collaboratively with the owner and project team to develop the data center whitespace floorplan, inclusive of critical equipment placement (storage, computing, network), aisle containment, and projected growth.  Also, LEDG’s team provided strategy and design for the financial institution’s implementation of a spine and leaf network topology, with uplink capacities of 100Gb.

The financial organization relocated approximately 250 cabinets worth of computing, network, and storage equipment. Diverse WLAN connections from six different carriers were needed to support high-bandwidth connectivity, including 40Gb and 100Gb connectivity within the whitespace. Due to the complexity of the network infrastructure, LEDG developed detailed rack elevations and labeling documentation to ensure that the onsite installation was accurate, standards-compliant, efficient.

The telecommunications and technology infrastructure design provided by LEDG created the backbone needed for a world-class, scalable data center to replicate across the globe in facilities that best serve the financial institutions high-performance computing demands.

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