Merrimack Pharmaceutical Creates Robust Technology Infrastructure and Data Center to Support Growth

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Merrimack Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq: MACK) is a biopharmaceutical company discovering, developing and preparing to commercialize innovative medicines paired with companion diagnostics for the treatment of cancer. Merrimack seeks to gain a deeper understanding of underlying cancer biology through its systems biology-based approach and develop new insights, therapeutics, and diagnostics to improve outcomes for cancer patients. Merrimack relies on a robust technology infrastructure to support its broad range of discovery, research, and diagnostic efforts. However, their location in a multi-tenant building in the heart of Cambridge, MA created uptime concerns for their data center facility. Merrimack was relying on base-building infrastructure to support the power and cooling requirements of their data center. The aging base-building systems were limiting Merrimack’s data center growth and creating downtime risk for their critical systems.

Solution Leading Edge Design Group worked with Merrimack to design and implement a new data center space with upgraded infrastructure. The new data center improved the uptime, reliability, and energy efficiency of their facility, enabling Merrimack to operate its technology infrastructure with confidence and availability. The new data center from LEDG included:

  • Scalable, Redundant Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) architecture with redundant power feeds to each rack.
  • Row-based cooling with N+1 redundancy.
  • Redundant fiber-optic backbone connecting the new data center to all of Merrimack telecommunications rooms in the facility.
  • Energy Efficiency – high-efficiency UPS and variable speed fans on data center cooling.
“As a pharmaceutical company, designing a new data center isn’t something we do very often. Leading Edge Design Group helped us create a modular, redundant, and energy efficient solution, which gives us the scalability and reliability that we were lacking in the past. We had an idea of what we wanted to achieve, and LEDG helped us tremendously during the planning and construction phase to deliver our vision. LEDG bridged the gap between IT and engineering during all phases of the project, as they created a cost effective solution for us that was independent from an aging building infrastructure.” – Norbert Schuehler, Merrimack Pharmaceuticals