LEDG Helps City and County Government Data Centers Thrive

Providing technology services for city and county governments is mission-critical. Leaders managing public sector computing has extra levels of intense pressure to support the systems vital to the health and safety of its citizens and for those who serve and protect them. From the courthouse to the police station, and public works to 911 support, the data center and computing need to be available 24/7 providing responsive reliable service. With looming budget constraints, finding ways to modernize current data centers can help mitigate risks and improve the city and county-wide technology infrastructure.

LEDG has helped public sector organizations such as the City of Reading, Pennsylvania, Burlington County New Jersey, Plymouth County Massachusetts, and the Towns of Danvers and Lexington, Massachusetts among others. Services provided included data center design and build, UPS upgrades and replacements, cooling improvements, and more.

Smart cities and cars, Internet of Things (IoT), security tracking systems, and more will continue to produce an unforeseeable amount of data and create more demands on a city and county’s technology infrastructure no matter where the data is generated and the location of the device or user. Modernizing data centers better positions public sector organizations to support the burgeoning amount of computing and storage needs.

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