A Guide for IT Leaders - Optimizing Placements of Computing Workloads

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LEDG is pleased to announce a new guide created to help information technology, network, and facility leaders evaluate current trends and incorporate meaningful, high-impact changes to their data centers and built environments.

Today, 90% of enterprise-generated data is processed through traditional or cloud data centers. By 2025, Gartner predicts that only 25% of enterprise-generated data will be processed in the same way as computing workloads move to the edge.

While most organizations have adopted a cloud strategy, few have defined an edge and on-premise data center strategy that will complement their utilization of public cloud and create a foundation to support immersive user experiences and Internet of Things devices. Gartner recommends that organizations have an edge computing strategy by 2020 and begin deploying solutions by 2022. This guide will help organizations take practical next steps to begin strategy development.