Webinar for Data Center Leaders Making Decisions on OnPremise or Colocation

Data Center Modernization vs. CoLocation: How To Evaluate for 2020 and Beyond

Tuesday, Feb 25
12:00 – 1:oo PM ET

The placement of computing workloads is a critical strategy for enabling responsive service delivery to users, and many organizations have adopted public cloud as a component of their portfolio. While early public cloud predictions prophesized the demise of the on-premise data center, both industry experts and owners now agree that a hybrid strategy that balances cloud and on-premise infrastructure is critical for success in 2020 and beyond.

Retaining data center infrastructure on-premise vs. outsourcing to a colocation facility can be a challenging, multi-faceted decision. Both options have the potential to offer significant benefits to an organization when planned, designed, and executed correctly.

Join Leading Edge Design Group (LEDG) for a 45-minute presentation on how to properly evaluate the benefits and risks of the two options, including discussions on these essential components:

• Organizational-wide technology profile
• Modernization costs to upgrade the existing on-premise data center
• Colocation costs, including rental, remote hands, connectivity, migration cost, and more
• Latency for application and service delivery to users
• Uptime and reliability

Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive a detailed LEDG guide on Modernization vs. Colocation.