Data Center Colocation - Costs to Consider

There are important costs, many underestimated when considering data center colocation facilities. Choosing between data center colocation and modernization can be a daunting project since there are benefits and opportunities with both. Data Center Frontier and other go-to data center media provide really great content on these topics.

LEDG has launched a webinar series and a new guide to help organizations review both options and takes a look at the often-missed colocation costs to put on your review list. Here’s a quick overview of what we cover.

Monthly Recurring Costs (MRC)

  • Cost per cabinet
  • Power per cabinet
  • Remote hands
  • Connectivity

Non-Recurring Costs (NRC)

  • Build out costs
  • Swing equipment
  • Move costs

Colocation facilities typically have different monthly recurring charges (MRC) based on the density profile of the cabinet, with the MRC increasing for higher density equipment.  Many owners focus their cost evaluation on the cost per cabinet MRC, but it is important to evaluate all MRC and non-recurring costs (NRC) fees in order to develop a full cost comparison. 

The NRC fees do not have anything to do with the colocation facility but are hard costs associated with choosing colocation versus data center modernization that are often not included in the complete budget. 

We will cover MRC and NRC costs during our weekly webinar = Choosing Colocation vs. Modernization being held every Wednesday at 12 PM. Join us to learn more or download our Colocation vs. Modernization Guide.